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Debt Consolidation:

I was drowning in debt and didn’t know what to do. The payments were simply too much for me to handle. My bank wanted thousands of dollars to break my mortgage which was something I could not afford to do. thankfully, I reached out to Kiran and the staff at Interfinance. They provided me with some great options and were able to reduce my monthly debt payments to something I could handle. Thank you Interfinance!
Sandra F.

Construction Loan:

Building my first home was nerve-wracking. The bank would only approve me once I was well underway for construction. They started to fund my project from the beginning. I am lucky that I had Interfinance to lend me a hand. They were knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful. I will work with Kiran again in the future for all my projects.
Mohamed H.

First Time Homebuyer:

Thanks to the team at Interfinance, buying our first home was a breeze. It almost didn’t turn out that way though. We found our dream house, but it was a little more expensive than we anticipated. The only way we could make our dream come true was to put a little more down. Interfinance found a solution for us. They treated us like family. Thanks for being a part of our dream!
Rob and Tracey J.

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