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Kiran Kaushal

President & Principal Broker

Years of Experience: 20+
Formal Induction Year: 1997
License #: M08003234
416-445-4890 ext. 227

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About Kiran

Kiran Kaushal was proudly accepted to Ryerson Polytechnic University and graduated with honours in a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Her work ethic and attention to detail has earned Kiran a respected name in the industry. In 2007, Kiran completed her LLQP exam, which allowed her to sell life insurance.

Insurance Service

This insurance service allowed Kiran to add value and strengthen Interfinance Mortgage Corporation’s place within the industry. Interfinance Mortgage Corporation and Kiran Kaushal are now well known as a one-stop shop! In recognition of her hard work and successful track record as an entrepreneur, Kiran was awarded the CIBC midweek South Asian Award for Entrepreneur of the year in 2012.

Company History

Interfinance Mortgage Merchants Inc. was a family run enterprise that began as a single tier business that focused on assisting and uniting borrowers to conventional lenders. Moving forward, Kiran cemented Interfinance Mortgage Corporation as an industry leader which today specializes in ‘A lending’ while still holding a large market share of subprime business.

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation’s growth under Kiran’s leadership has led to services such as private lending, debt consolidation, home equity lines of credit and home insurance. Kiran works endlessly to provide a holistic experience for her clients where Interfinance leads the way in helping clients make wise financial choices. Choosing Kiran Kaushal to be your mortgage broker is your first step in the right direction.

Team Members

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Monica Gairola,

Sr. Mortgage Manager
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License # M18001745

Phone: 416.445.4890 ext. 235 

Vince Shack,

Mortgage Agent
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License #: M11000559
416-445-4890 ext. 232

June Sutherland,

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Vince Oppedisano,

Mortgage Underwriter
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License #: M11001481
416-445-4890 ext.209