Mortgage + Tax Arrears


Relieve the stress

Handling tax arrears can be an overwhelming and anxiety-inducing process, with a host of far-reaching consequences. The accumulation of interest, coupled with legal fees and missed mortgage payments, can swiftly escalate into a precarious financial situation, potentially putting your home at risk of repossession. At Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, we possess the expertise and resources to assist you in managing this challenging scenario effectively.

Our team has the capability to negotiate with lenders on your behalf, striving to establish a feasible payment plan tailored to your unique financial circumstances. We understand that each individual’s situation is distinct, and we are committed to finding the best solution to address your tax arrears. In addition to negotiating payment plans, we can also provide additional financing options, such as second or third mortgages, to help fortify the financial stability of your home, ensuring it remains as secure financially as it is structurally.

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of tax arrears, offering the support and financial solutions you need to safeguard your home and relieve the stress associated with these challenging situations. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you achieve a stable and secure financial future while protecting your most significant investment.

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