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In today’s financial landscape, many individuals find themselves facing challenges securing second mortgages from traditional banks. Factors such as a history of poor repayments or financial blemishes can lead to rejections, leaving homeowners vulnerable to the threat of power sales and foreclosures. At Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, we’re committed to helping you steer clear of such precarious situations.

A second mortgage, a distinct form of loan, is designed to be taken out on a property that already carries an existing mortgage. If you’re a property owner seeking additional funding without the burden of additional credit card or bank loans, a second mortgage may be the ideal solution. Despite common misconceptions about the risks involved, when structured effectively by a seasoned mortgage company like Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, a second mortgage can offer reduced risk through sound and impartial borrowing guidance. Start securing your financial future today—APPLY NOW!

For our valued clients, a second mortgage can be the key to financial freedom. Rather than viewing it as a risky endeavor, we consider it a valuable asset that provides enhanced security. The advantages of a second mortgage are numerous:

  • No need to discharge your existing low-rate primary mortgage, thereby avoiding penalties and fees.
  • Enhanced flexibility in sourcing second mortgages from a range of providers, be they institutional (banks and credit unions) or private mortgage lenders/providers.
  • Typically, second mortgages feature interest-only payments and manageable 1-year terms.
  • You can access up to 80% of your home’s appraised value for a second mortgage, minus the remaining primary mortgage balance.
  • Any homeowner with a primary mortgage and a respectable credit history is eligible to apply for a second mortgage.

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is here to guide you through the second mortgage process, providing expert insights and tailored solutions to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

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