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The Shayam Kaushal Charitable Foundation

  • HOPE:

    That each day will be better than the last


    To face each challenge as it arises


    To never give up!

Core Principals

These foundational principles drive the endeavors of Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, led by Principal Broker Kiran Kaushal, one of the co-founders of the Shayam Kaushal Charitable Foundation (SKCF). The Shayam Kaushal Charitable Foundation was established as a loving tribute to Shayam Kaushal (May 24, 1968 – February 10, 2009), who courageously battled Osteosarcoma for eight years before his passing. Since its inception in 2010, with the support of Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, the SKCF has contributed over $500,000 to numerous charitable initiatives and causes. These funds have made a significant impact, benefiting various organizations, including Mount Sinai’s stem cell research for Osteosarcoma, Autism Ontario, Free the Children, and Easter Seals.

A graduate of York University, Shayam was not only a student government member but also a champion tennis player and a passionate social activist, dedicated to causes like the Terry Fox Run and the Alpha Foundation. He also served as the president of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association. Shayam’s life was a testament to selflessness and a commitment to helping others. The foundation’s existence is a testament to keeping the spirit of his boundless generosity alive for eternity.

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Annual Bursary Donation

This award is in memory of Shayam Kaushal. Shayam graduated from York University where he was actively involved with student government and athletics as a champion tennis player. This bursary will be given annually to a student in the Bachelor of Commerce program who demonstrates financial need.