Commercial Mortgage


Purchasing or refinancing income producing commercial properties?

Facilitating the acquisition or refinancing of income-generating commercial properties has never been more convenient, thanks to Interfinance Mortgage Corporation. We specialize in streamlining the process of securing commercial mortgages for a wide array of commercial structures and rental properties. Our competitive interest rates extend to a diverse selection of fixed and variable rate mortgage products, complemented by our unwavering commitment to top-tier customer service. This dedication translates into reduced hassle and expedited approvals for you.

Distinguishing commercial mortgages from their residential counterparts:

Distinct legal and regulatory considerations exist
The commercial market boasts unique characteristics such as varying rates and product offerings
Commercial mortgages entail a lengthier process due to extensive paperwork and bureaucratic procedures

Therefore, it is imperative to partner with an established firm with a proven history of assisting small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with their commercial mortgage needs. Take action and apply now!

Our expertise encompasses providing commercial mortgages for the following property types:

Mixed-use properties, featuring storefronts with residential components
Commercial plazas
Office spaces
Industrial facilities
Commercial condominiums

Allow us to manage the intricate compliance and legal aspects associated with commercial mortgages while simultaneously securing the most favorable rates available. Calculate your potential savings with our mortgage payment calculator to gauge the positive impact on your financial outlook.

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