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Need a new kitchen? How about a renovation loan so you can afford it?

A home loan from Interfinance Mortgage Corporation will give you the capital for those needed home renovations, be it a new roof, adding new furniture or appliances, a pool for the summer, emergency home repairs, or a nursery for the new family addition.

A renovation loan can make sense when traditional methods like credit cards and home equity loans may not. High interest rates applied by credit card companies can add up to unnecessary expenses while the card is being paid off, and overspending is a real concern.

Carefully budgeting and planning your home improvement project, and then applying for the right-sized renovation loan can keep costs in check, with fixed and automated payments and a set interest rate.

Our mortgage brokers will shop the market for the best home loan rates, and because we leverage private lenders and have access to in house funds, we can provide you with competitive rates and an easy approval processes when the big banks may not.

In business for over 20 years, Interfinance Mortgage Corporation has underwritten thousands of home loans in the GTA – see what experience and expertise can do for you.

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