About Interfinance Mortgage Corporation

Company History

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation

Interfinance Mortgage Merchants Inc., originally a family-run enterprise, initially focused on connecting borrowers with traditional lenders. Under Kiran Kaushal’s leadership, it transformed into Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, excelling in ‘A lending’ and maintaining a significant share of subprime business.

The company’s growth led to expanded services like private lending, debt consolidation, home equity lines of credit, and home insurance. Kiran tirelessly ensures clients receive a holistic experience, guiding them to make informed financial decisions. Opting for Kiran Kaushal as your mortgage broker is your initial stride towards financial success.

Toronto Private Lenders

As prominent figures in the finance industry, we deeply understand and value the crucial role a Mortgage Broker plays in shaping your financial endeavors. We are dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the intricate process of securing the right mortgage, an essential aspect in today’s world. Leveraging our extensive experience and profound expertise, we have honed the art of facilitating hassle-free mortgage financing to cater to diverse clients, whether you’re an individual pursuing your dream home or a real estate professional representing others. Rest assured, we comprehensively address your needs.

Our unwavering commitment revolves around ensuring that your specific financial requirements are not just met, but met with precision and utmost efficiency. Recognizing the time sensitivity associated with real estate transactions, we stand prepared to expedite the mortgage approval process, ensuring your deals progress smoothly within the established timelines. By selecting us as your Mortgage Broker, you gain not only a service provider but a strategic partner who shares your vision for success and possesses an intimate understanding of the financial landscape’s intricacies.

At our core, our principal mission is to serve as the bridge connecting your financial aspirations to the resources essential for their realization. We take immense pride in our capability to offer tailored financing solutions that seamlessly align with your unique objectives. Whether it involves securing competitive interest rates, presenting flexible terms, or adeptly navigating complex credit scenarios, we possess the necessary tools and expertise to materialize your goals. As esteemed leaders in the industry, our established track record serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to your financial success. Trust us to act as your Mortgage Broker, and embark on a journey filled with a multitude of possibilities in the realm of mortgage financing.