Home Equity Loan


Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan, also referred to as a Second Mortgage

Home Equity Loans, often mistakenly equated with HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit), are distinct financial instruments. Unlike HELOCs, Home Equity Loans provide borrowers with a lump sum payout, offering a fixed interest rate and monthly payments that simplify budgeting.

A Home Equity Loan, sometimes termed a ‘second mortgage,’ essentially adds an additional layer of financing to your home, sitting behind your primary mortgage. In the context of escalating property values in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), many individuals are turning to Home Equity Loans to access capital for their diverse needs. This can encompass home renovations, enhancing property value for potential future sales, debt consolidation by converting high-interest debts like credit cards and unsecured credit lines into a more cost-effective, lower-interest loan, thereby reducing monthly financial obligations.

Calculating your home’s equity is straightforward and the accessibility of Home Equity Loans has proven instrumental in financing various endeavors. From funding a child’s education or securing top-tier long-term care for a loved one to driving business growth, or even realizing that much-deserved vacation, Home Equity Loans offer financial flexibility. Whether investing in another property, expanding your existing home, or supporting personal aspirations, the funds are at your discretion. As a private lender, we can approve Home Equity Loans where traditional banks might hesitate, even in scenarios where there’s a less-than-ideal credit history or limited credit background.

If you’re considering a Home Equity Loan, Interfinance Mortgage Corporation provides a range of financing options, including HELOCs. Connect with one of our experienced mortgage brokers to determine the best fit for your unique financial circumstances.

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