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Have you been Rejected by a big bank?

Rejected by a big bank? Then Interfinance Mortgage Corporation can help! With Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, you don’t need to worry about high interest rates or creditor harassment. Our low interest private mortgage loans ensure that the impact of monthly principal and interest payments on your overall finances is minimal.

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation offers private lending simply because we understand that there are moments within your life when you need to have money readily accessible to you. At Interfinance Mortgage Corporation we work with you to ensure that your financial woes are resolved.

Private lending helps to address:

• Home mortgages
• Mortgage refinancing
• Home equity loans
• Debt consolidation

• Second mortgage
• Bad credit mortgage
• Mortgage for self-employed
• Bridge mortgage and more

Obtaining a conventional mortgage or loan from a bank can be challenging if you have poor credit or high debt. Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is more concerned with your home’s marketability and is more flexible in regards to your income or credit history. This makes qualifying for a private mortgage at Interfinance Mortgage Corporation easy and quick. Interfinance Mortgage Corporation loans are not borrowed from banks, but from a large pool of private investors, the terms are much more comfortable in comparison to those offered by banks.

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