Bad Credit Mortgage

Getting a bad credit mortgage

Do you have a credit history that makes it difficult for you to get a mortgage from a traditional big bank?

  • Bad or tarnished credit rating
  • Past bankruptcy
  • No established credit
  • Receiving credit counseling

If your credit is tarnished, you may believe you will never be approved for a mortgage. Perhaps you were rejected by a big bank, or turned down by a traditional mortgage broker.

We can help! Interfinance Mortgage Corporation has access to funds from sources that put less emphasis on your credit history, and more focus on your potential and ability to repay the mortgage. If you can prove that you can make your mortgage payments on time, and you have no intention defaulting on your loan, then you are an ideal candidate for a bad credit mortgage.

Start by knowing your credit score:

  • Which is determined by the payment history against past and current loans
  • A low credit score (650 or less) will identify you as a high risk borrower
  • This will affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage since most big-banks stay away from high risk borrowers

We understand that not everyone has or can maintain a high credit score. There are things that may be outside of your control, like funeral expenses for a loved one, poor investments, home damage or maintenance costs, or even a failing business.

By getting a bad credit mortgage from Interfinance Mortgage Corporation, you may be able to avoid declaring bankruptcy if you’re able to consolidate the loan with your high interest debts. You can also refinance your property to unlock its hidden equity to use for many different things.

If you’re looking for a bad credit mortgage, let our experts give you the second chance you deserve – we work with all credit scores to find the right solution for you.

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