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Private mortgage

Residential Mortgages

Residential mortgage terms and conditions like interest rates are always changing. This industry is a living breathing animal which is easy to conquer with Interfinance Mortgage Corporation’s help. No longer are the doors closed.

Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is able to assist in any situation.
• Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal
• Business for Self
• Less than Perfect Credit or No Established Credit
• New to Canada
• Declined by a bank

Commercial Mortgages

Store/Apartment, multi residential building, warehouse, retail Store and industrial condos; take your pick! When it comes to your investment properties or simply meeting the demands of your day to day business, Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is able to meet your needs.

No commercial property is too small or too large for us. Securing a commercial loan requires an immense attention to detail. Interfinance Mortgage Corporation is here to work for you! With our extensive database of lenders and appraisers we are able to finance your commercial property.

Second Mortgages

For those times when life gets in the way a second mortgage can be the perfect answer. Minimum payments are just that, ‘the bare minimum’ and can leave you feeling like you are never making headway. With a second mortgage you can consolidate all your active/inactive debts, pay off your dreaded student loans, finally catch up on your tax arrears and even complete your well-needed home renovations.

Having a second mortgage helps to reduce compound interest so you only have to focus on paying your monthly mortgage payments. The average credit card interest rate is 21% to 29%, with second mortgage you are able to receive rates as low as 9.99% based on your individual scenario and often allow you to tap into 85% of your home’s equity.

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